Your Safety is Our Concern!

Virginia Security Service

Virginia Security

Virginia Security Service is a first-rate provider of upmost armed security services in Northern Virginia.

Armed security services in Virginia are our top priority. Our security team is highly innovative and dynamic and can be requested in uniforms, business attire or in plain clothes.

Armed security services in Virginia provided by our security company are marked by utter commitment and constant support of the needs of both present and future clients.


DCJS #11-17698
Your Safety is Our Concern!

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Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our armed security guards are trained to alleviate all individuals who are unwanted on the client’s property and to deter crime at a client’s request.

We offer a range of armed security services, primarily on the territory of Virginia all of which are based on the highest standards.

Our mission is to maintain the top security levels while we are securing your assets and business. You are not going to be disappointed if you completely rely on our armed security work that is custom-tailored to every client’s individual needs.

We are an innovative and dynamic security company that provides reliable and cost-effective armed security services to all its present and prospective clients. You can completely rely on our professionalism and experience that your building, or a private event you organize as well as a hotel, or a store will be protected in the most adequate way.

Our armed security services in Virginia always leave the most positive impression on our clients who continue with our collaboration in the future. They are security experts with extensive military and law enforcement backgrounds.



Armed Security

Our cost-effective armed security services are recommended for medium and high-security clients’ needs.

The top-of-the-line armed security guards in our company are fully trained and reliable professionals. They are bigger-built guys prepared to react instantly providing armed security services in order to maintain law and order and prevent any possible crime instance.

The team for armed security services is  24/7 at the client’s disposal to provide nothing but the highly-efficient and professional armed security services.

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Our Services

Building Security

Hotel Security

Event Security

Store Security

Disaster Response

Security Consulting

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Building Security

The desired level of building security is constantly arising and their owners make efforts to protect own assets. The security staff of our company is always ready to support that by defending the vulnerabilities of infrastructure against any possible threats.


Hotel Security

One of the most essential tasks performed by our security company is to prevent any prospect security problems in hotels by implementing certain well-prepared actions to discourage incidents. Therefore, a highly motivated team of our security professionals is in charge of the guest room security, key control for both electronic and mechanical access, together with all conceivable emergency- procedures.


Event Security

With periodic patrols so to check any eventual irregularities, our security team staff preserves order at the assigned site. Our patrols are in a constant search for possible security violations, unauthorized people, sudden mechanical problems or unsafe conditions with blocked exits and entrances.

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Store Security

A job of our store security is to mind vast number of shoppers who circulate moving in and out of the store. The essential thing is that well-equipped security staff is able to assess the situation and to judge about any possible need to identify potential shoplifters or threats among the customers.

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Disaster Response

As our client, you don’t need to worry in case of disasters. Disaster response is a service that we do to protect people who are our clients. We try to stop or limit the impacts of disaster to spread. Our techs are trained to perform delicate actions and they act professionally in risky situations. Our company gives its best to save our client’s property and assets. We act as both safeguards and environmental protectors. 

Disaster response that we provide consists of a couple of significant phases. The main one is research and rescue. Then, we offer timely assistance together with the necessary warning. In the end, our experienced staff evacuates what is needed. Finally, our team assesses the damage and restores infrastructure by our client’s wish and plan.

Close-up Of A Young Male Security Guard Listening With Earpiece

Security Consulting

Virginia Security Service is a well-established security agency in the field of offering professional and effective security consulting services. In the era of frequent terroristic attacks, which are sudden and unpredictable, clients may get in touch with Virginia Security Service with the basic aim to protect themselves against possible terroristic attacks. Counter-terrorism includes numerous strategies combined with adequate instruments and detailed plans to overcome and recall activities of terroristic networks, terroristic organizations, and terroristic subjects as well.

Security services for counter-terrorism attacks are necessary to protect all client’s possessions, assets, personnel and reputation in general. When contacting Virginia Security Service, a client may be 100% sure that he will get an adequate security consulting for counter-terrorism attacks that worry him. The security expert from Virginia Security Service has a free consultation with a client to hear about his security plans and wishes. They agree upon a specific security method for counter-terrorism attacks and a general approach that is going to be used.

Security officers with significant military and law enforcement backgrounds are employed by Virginia Security Service. They are specially trained and experienced in the field of counter-terrorism attacks services. Their security work is characterized by top-quality to satisfy a present or future client.

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Why Choose


Our staff is knowledgeable and with impressive professional experience regarding military and law enforcement backgrounds. Our security services are an excellent value for the invested money and the quality of our work is assured. We are confident in delivering safety and you can rely on us 24|7.

We pride ourselves on keeping up with the professional approach and excellence in all aspects of providing security services. Also, we are constantly trying to improve the quality and contents of our security work. Because of the experience and dedicated work which are integrated into our organization, we are one of the most reputable security companies in Sterling VA

Give us a call or email us to arrange a meeting and discuss your security needs.

Virginia Security Service is a leading provider of the first-rate security services for the territory of Northern Virginia (including Herndon VA, Ashburn VA,  Reston VA, Sterling VA, Alexandria VA, Fairfax VA, Leesburg VA, Falls Church VA, ViennaVA)


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Contact Us

Your opinions are important to us. Whether it is a simple question or a valuable suggestion, we are here 24/7. Give us a call or email us to arrange a meeting and discuss your security needs.

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